a. Of or relating to the body. See Synonyms at bodily.
b. Having a physiological basis or origin: a physical craving for an addictive drug.
c. Involving sexual interest or activity: a physical attraction; physical intimacy.

a. Involving or characterized by vigorous or forceful bodily activity: physical aggression; a fast and physical dance performance.
b. Slang Involving or characterized by violence: “A real cop would get physical” (TV Guide).
3. Of or relating to material things: a wall that formed a physical barrier; the physical environment.
4. Of or relating to matter and energy or the sciences dealing with them, especially physics.

A physical examination.

[Middle English phisical, medical, from Medieval Latin physicālis, from Latin physica, physics; see physics.]

phys′i·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
phys′i·cal·ly adv.
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1. of or relating to the body, as distinguished from the mind or spirit
2. of, relating to, or resembling material things or nature: the physical universe.
3. involving or requiring bodily contact: rugby is a physical sport.
4. (General Physics) of or concerned with matter and energy
5. (General Physics) of or relating to physics
6. perceptible to the senses; apparent: a physical manifestation.

7. (Medicine) short for physical examination

ˈphysically adv ˈphysicalness n

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(ˈfɪz ɪ kəl)


1. of or pertaining to the body.
2. of or pertaining to that which is material: the physical universe.
3. noting or pertaining to the properties of matter and energy other than those peculiar to living matter.
4. carnal; sexual: a physical attraction.
5. physically demonstrative.
6. requiring, characterized by, or liking rough physical contact or strenuous physical activity.
7. contained in or being computer hardware: a physical disk drive; physical memory contained on a chip.


[1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin physicālis concerning medicine. See physic, -al1]
phys′i•cal•ly, adv.
phys′i•cal•ness, n.
syn: physical, bodily, corporeal, corporal agree in pertaining to the body. physical means connected with or pertaining to theanimal or human body as a material organism: physical strength. bodily means belonging to or concerned with the human body asdistinct from the mind or spirit: bodily sensations. corporeal, a more poetic and philosophical word, refers esp. to the mortalsubstance of which the body is composed, as opposed to spirit: our corporeal existence. corporal is usu. reserved for reference tosuffering inflicted on the human body: corporal punishment.
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  • physical, physicianPhysical and physician come from Latin physica, “things related to nature.”
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A unit of mass equal to 1⁄16 of the mass of an oxygen atom. 1 amu physical = 1.660 x 10-27 kg.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adj. 1. physicalinvolving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit; “physical exercise”; “physical suffering”; “was sloppy abouteverything but her physical appearance”

mentalinvolving the mind or an intellectual process; “mental images of happy times”; “mental calculations”; “in a terrible mentalstate”; “mental suffering”; “free from mental defects”
2. physicalrelating to the sciences dealing with matter and energy; especially physics; “physical sciences”; “physical laws”
3. physical - having substance or material existencephysicalhaving substance or material existence; perceptible to the senses; “a physical manifestation”; “surrounded bytangible objects”

materialderived from or composed of matter; “the material universe”
4. physicalaccording with material things or natural laws (other than those peculiar to living matter); “a reflex response to physicalstimuli”

naturalexisting in or in conformity with nature or the observable world; neither supernatural nor magical; “a perfectly naturalexplanation”
5. physicalcharacterized by energetic bodily activity; “a very physical dance performance”

energeticpossessing or exerting or displaying energy; “an energetic fund raiser for the college”; “an energetic group of hikers”;“it caused an energetic chemical reaction”
6. physicalimpelled by physical force especially against resistance; “forcible entry”; “a real cop would get physical”; “strong-armtactics”

forcefulcharacterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical); “a forceful speaker”; “a forcefulpersonality”; “forceful measures”; “a forceful plan for peace”
7. physicalconcerned with material things; “physical properties”; “the physical characteristics of the earth”; “the physical size of acomputer”

materialderived from or composed of matter; “the material universe”
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1. corporal, fleshly, bodily, carnal, somatic, corporeal the physical problems caused by the illness
2. earthly, fleshly, mortal, incarnate, unspiritual They were still aware of the physical world around them.
3. material, real, substantial, natural, solid, visible, sensible, tangible, palpable There is no physical evidence to support thestory.
4. manual, laboring They will be unable to cope with the demanding physical work.
5. sexual, carnal, base, animal, sordid, brutish, bestial No unmarried girl would dare to indulge in physical love.
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1. Of or relating to the human body:

2. Relating to the desires and appetites of the body:

3. Composed of or relating to things that occupy space and can be perceived by the senses:

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1. (= of the body) [condition, disability, contact, violence] → físico; [punishment] → corporal
2. (= material) [properties, characteristics] → físico; [world] → material
physical environmententorno m físico
physical evidencepruebas fpl materiales
it’s a physical impossibilityes materialmente imposible
his physical presence repelled hersu mera presencia le repugnaba
3. (= involving physical contact, effort) → físico
he’s a very physical manes un hombre que recurre mucho al contacto físico
rugby is a very physical sportel rugby es un deporte muy físico or con mucho contacto físico
there was some very physical play from both teamshubo mucho juego duro por parte de los dos equipos
he has been ordered not to do any physical workle han dicho que no haga ninguna clase de trabajo que requiera esfuerzofísico
to get physical (sexually) → pasar al plano físico; (= be rough) → emplear la fuerza física, llegar a las manos
4. (= of physics) → físico
the physical scienceslas ciencias físicas
B.N (alsophysical examination) → reconocimiento m físico
C.CPDphysical chemistryNfisicoquímica f
physical educationNeducación f física
physical examinationNreconocimiento m físico
physical exerciseNejercicio m (físico)
physical fitnessN(buena) forma f física
a physical fitness programmeun programa de ejercicios físicos
physical geographyNgeografía f física
physical jerksNPL (Brit) → gimnasia fsing, ejercicios mpl (físicos)
physical therapistN (US) → fisioterapeuta mf
physical therapyN (US) → fisioterapia f
physical trainingNentrenamiento m, ejercicio m (físico)
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(ˈfizikəl) adjective

1. of the body. Playing football is one form of physical fitness. físico
2. of things that can be seen or felt. the physical world.material
3. of the laws of nature. It’s a physical impossibility for a man to fly like a bird. físico
4. relating to the natural features of the surface of the Earth. physical geography. físico
5. relating to physics. physical chemistry. físico

ˈphysically adverb


physical ˈeducation noun (abbreviation)

PE; physical training (gymnastics) and sport taught as a subject at school. educación física; gimnasia
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examen físico, físico, reconocimiento médico, revisión médica

Multilingual Translator © HarperCollins Publishers 2009


a. físico-a, rel. al cuerpo y su condición;

___ examinationexamen ___;
___ fitnessacondicionamiento ___;
___ therapistterapeuta ___;
___ therapyterapia ___.
English-Spanish Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012


adj físico; n (fam) examen físico

English-Spanish/Spanish-English Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2006 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.



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