School Organization Tips

1. Fix your study desk weekly

In just a week span we all know a lot could happen, especially if it’s during the school year. So instead of fixing your study desk on your usual routine, I highly advise you fix yours weekly 🙂

  • Organizers are your friends. My organizers are either from Muji or Daiso since they have these really neat organizers that fit perfectly on my desk! I also have mason jars (which I bought from Daiso) that holds all my writing supplies.
  • Make sure the materials you need most are within reach from your desk (as much as possible, put it in the first/nearest drawer or on top of your desk).
  • Recycle/reuse old things you suspect could be organizers

2. Label, label, label

Labeeeeeeel !!! Do I even need to emphasize that? Labeling has been the best thing that’s helped me so far with life.

  • Use sticker paper for labels. Simply write the label (e.g pens & pencils), cut then stick! Easy as that.
  • Masking tapes are a great alternative too! They may not be “tumblr”, as some would say, but who cares if it’s tumblr or not? They help you better identify which is which and that’s what matters!
  • Colored paper paired with scotch tape or double-sided tape are another great combo!

3. One notebook, one subject rule

Ever since I was back in preschool, I’ve always had one notebook for each subject, and I still do until today. Compiling at least maybe 3-4 subjects in one notebook isn’t really advisable.

  • Get cheap notebooks that are thick.
  • Label your notebooks so you’d know which notebook is which and not bring the wrong notebook to school!
  • Tip : Using the two-notebook rule also helps! So basically, you need another set of notebooks (preferably fillers, but it’s up to you). In these notebooks is where you write down all your lecture notes. And when you get home, you get your main set of notebooks and transfer your lecture notes there in a way that you’d understand it! Not only does it make your notes more organized, rewriting your notes also help in retaining the information to your brain!

4. Different colored pens are essential

It is only at this school year, 7th grade, that I’ve decided to color code my notes. Color coding helps you quickly identify what kind of information is written, which can result to easier studying!

  • Provide a key or legend for each of your colored pens so it’ll be easier for you to write information down. As soon as you continue doing so, you’ll get used to it in no time 🙂

5. Keep a bullet journal/planner

I’ve kept a planner before, but it hasn’t worked on me (to some it does), so when I stumbled upon a post about bullet journalling, I instantly fell in love and started my own bullet journal! Bullet journals have been the one effective for me since I still use it 🙂 (post on bullet journals vs. planners)

  • Don’t place your legend on the first page, instead write it on a sticky note that you place on the current day you are in.
  • Write page numbers on the paper and provide an index/table of contents on the first or last page.
  • You could create your own pages such as a record page of the books you’ve read within the month, grocery page, etc..

6. Make to-do lists and make sure you achieve them

Bullet journals are a great way to write to-do lists on, but there are other options as to where you could write those to-do lists of you!

  • You can write your to-do lists on any paper (may it be scratch or not) then pin it to your cork board!
  • If you have a whiteboard instead of a cork board, better yet write them down there!
  • is an efficient application when it comes to your tasks and I definitely recommend it! After 3 years of using it, I’ve found it to be very helpful, especially that it has an alarm to remind you of the tasks you’re going to do!
  • If you can’t download Any. do for various reasons, the default memo/reminder application in your phone works as well!
  • The default calendar in your phones are useful too!

7. Use a school bag with pockets

A school bag with pockets makes it easier for an individual/student to identify where s/he kept his/her materials for school, especially if she’s been using the same bag for a few years now.

  • If you’ve used a school  bag with multiple pockets before and plan on buying a new one, do not do so. Reuse that same ol’ bag to familiarize yourself with it and to save money.
  • As much as Jansport bags are the so-called “in” bags these days, they don’t really have that much multiple pockets, so I don’t suggest them that much.

8. Calendars are useful

Calendars are practically the first open reminder you see, so it’ll be very helpful in reminding you!

  • Wall calendars are really great, like seriously.
  • Get a calendar that has big boxes on it so you could write numerous of those important events.
  • If you can’t find a calendar with big boxes, make one that meets your standards!

9. Put page numbers on your notes

Putting page numbers on your notes are a really neat idea!

  • Provide an index/table of contents on the first or last page of your notebook so you’ll be able to find those information easier!

10. Have a home schedule

This isn’t just a plain study schedule almost everyone has, but instead, this is your whole home schedule in one. From when you get home from school, up until you wake up the following morning.

  • Place your home schedule on a piece of paper.
  • If you feel very tech-y, type in your home schedule in MS Word/Excel and print it out.
  • Have two copies of your home schedule, one you bring to school and one you pin to your cork board.
  • If you don’t have a cork board but have a whiteboard instead, write it down in your whiteboard, or use a magnet to place it there.

11. Use binders/folders/expandable folder

Organizing your papers is a really tough job if you don’t have the right medium to place it in. You could either use binders, folders or an expandable/accordion folder. Asides from organizing your papers, choosing the right medium to place it in is probably a tougher job.

  • Binders are very neat, but can be bulky as time goes by so it results that you need another one which can result again to a heavier bag. Plus, punching holes on it takes up time.
  • Folders are neat and said to be able to hold at least a hundred papers or so. On the other hand, it’ll soon get bulky just like the binders and the hole punching issue is present as well. And, if you don’t punch holes on the papers given to you, the papers fall out easily.
  • Currently, I’m using an expandable folder. I’ve tried using folders before, but it didn’t help my issue. So far, an expandable folder’s the one helping me. They come with dividers, so I have a page for each subject. I place the newest document/paper given to the front so as not to get all the papers out when finding a specific document. It can be quite heavy to carry and can get easily broken if not taken care of (mine now has a few tears) and will soon turn bulky.

Original article here from Tumblr Blog Asia Felicity Studies.

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